She has the answers…


After reading a rather sad Blog entry on WordPress yesterday I thought I would write this Journal entry. Now, the woman in question is also a Mistress, but her story is a sad one and she had the courage to write about it.

Sometimes it is difficult for a Dominatrix to express her feelings in a way that suggests that she feels hurt or sad. This is because the image of a Dominatrix is often associated with strength and an almost inhuman ability to remain above emotion. Well, I think it took strength for this Dominatrix to write about how sad she is feeling right now.

We often take our loved ones for granted. We should not. For those of us lucky enough to have loved ones nearby, or in our lives, I think it is important to appreciate them, keep them close, and let them know how much we care. I believe we should do this often. People can be cruel and uncaring so, when we find someone who is loving towards us, and enriches our lives, then I feel we should make an effort to nourish that relationship whenever we can.

Sometimes, after a difficult day, the very best thing we have is a loved one to turn to, who can console us, or help us to smile, or simply be there for us in some way.

Good friendships and good relationships don’t come by all the time. Cherish them, gentle reader, and tell those you love how you feel.

Separation takes many forms, and more often than not these separations are involuntary. My heart goes out to that woman and her love,who are so far away from each other.

If you are lucky enough to be in the company of your love, then please, express that love? And spare a thought for the sad Mistress and her own love, along with others who are facing loneliness like that during the Holiday Season. I know I most certainly am.

The Mistress.


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