She has the answers…

Alberto Vargas

In this entry, we move on to the next comment on my list in my original journal post:

“Even if he has given you his phone number, do not use it.  Resist all temptation to call him.  Only call him if it really is necessary to do so”.

Now, most men really will not give you their phone numbers unless they are really interested in you.  Why?  Because they do not want a woman who they are not interested in to phone them.  Do you give your numbers to men who don’t interest you?  No, I am sure you do not!  Well, he is no different.

Now, even if a man has given you his number, you really should not phone him unless you absolutely must.  Let him call you!  If he calls, then you know that he is really interested in talking with you.  If you call him all the time, you are really chasing him.  Let him work for your attentions.  You are a really busy woman.  You are desired, and should be cherished.

Women who call all the time, over the slightest little thing, send the wrong message to a man.  It tends to have the opposite effect than the one you are after.  Leave him wondering what you are up to.  It will keep him on his toes, and allow him the thrill of that chase that I keep mentioning so often ;)


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